Arkansas Rules Of The Road For Car Accident Injury Claims

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Arkansas law has set forth a set of guidelines for motorists who are operating their cars throughout the state. These guidelines are commonly known as the “Arkansas Rules of the Road.” For example, the law requires every driver to exercise diligence and care when operating a motor vehicle. This rule is a ‘catch all’ for us to be careful, attentive, and diligent when we get behind the wheel. As more and more states consider tougher laws on cell phone use while driving, the Rules of the Road will continue to evolve into more specific laws that will provide guidance in a situation where a resident or traveler is injured due to the negligent driving of another motorist.
In any personal injury claim in Arkansas which arose out of the use of a vehicle, victims have a legal right to be compensated for their medical expenses, pain & suffering lost wages, and other line items of “damages.” Recovery for these damages can be based on what lawyers refer to as ‘common law negligence’, but you may also file an injury claim based upon negligence per se. This is a legal doctrine that is recognized in numerous states, whereby the reckless driver, trucking company, etc, that caused the crash is liable due to a specific Rule of the Road that they failed to obey. Victims will want to discuss this form of recovery with their Arkansas car accident lawyer, as alternative theories of relief can be effective in streamlining the legal issues and speeding up the claims process.
Not all car accidents involve specific traffic laws which were disobeyed. In fact, most rear-end car accidents don’t involve violation of a traffic law at all. Rather, inattention is to blame. That is where common law negligence comes into play in your claim. Your attorney should discuss each of your legal theories of recovery at the initial client meeting. This is important because like most things, without a gameplan in place, your injury claim may quickly transform into an unorganized case which could potentially short change you in what you are legally entitled to for your injuries and damages.
Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers is a law firm dedicated to representing victims of car accidents and other injury claims. It is all our lawyers do, each and every day. There are many choices when selecting an Arkansas personal injury law firm. However, what we have come to realize is that too many other law firms practice in several areas of law, instead of focusing on injury litigation, which itself is quite complex. Take great care in selecting your lawyer. Injury claimants only have ONE chance at obtaining a fair settlement. Make certain your lawyer is a specialist in personal injury and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you the entire way.

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