Broken Bone Injury Claims

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Accidents Resulting in Broken Bones

Just about any accident can fracture a bone. Car accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, and construction accidents are the most common personal injury claims involving a broken bone. It takes an incredible amount of force to cause a fracture.
The pain is usually intense, depending on the type of break. Common bone fractures include compound fractures (bone pierces the skin), comminuted fracture, transverse fracture, hairline fracture, and oblique fracture. When you break a bone in a serious accident, it may require emergency surgery at the hospital. When doctors use plates and screws to repair a broken bone after a car accident, your medical expenses can be substantial.
One of the first reactions just prior to impact in a car accident is to brace your body with your arms and legs. Unfortunately, it is this reaction that can result in a broken arm or broken leg. These types of injuries are very difficult to cope with and can require surgery, months of physical therapy, and early onset arthritis. Healing times for fractures vary significantly. If a surgeon is forced to use screws and surgical plates to repair a bone, you may require future revision surgeries to remove the hardware.
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What type of medical care is required after an accident that results in bone fractures? Xrays will diagnose a break and emergency room staff will either operate or cast the wound. Prescriptions for narcotic pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication may likely be provided. If you have a broken leg, foot or hip, you may require crutches or even a wheelchair.

Bone Fracture Accident Injury Lawyer

Our experienced accident injury lawyers have helped hundreds of clients obtain maximum compensation for a broken bone claim. To get a fair settlement, we will request medical opinion reports from your doctors to provide insight into what types of future complications may arise from your crash. This is effective when we seek compensation for future medical care.
A bone fracture injury claim may also require a future needs assessment from a life-care planner. Our lawyers will advance the costs of a life-care planner and only charge attorneys’ fees if your case is won.
Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers only represents victims injured in accidents. We fight the insurance companies each day in court to obtain the best possible result for our injured clients. In cases involving broken bones, you will need an aggressive St. Louis injury attorney who understands the value of your case.
More importantly, you need a lawyer who is respected by insurance companies and defense attorneys. If your attorney is not taken seriously, you will never get the result you are searching for. Contact an attorney in our office today and get immediate help with your case.

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