Car Accidents In Rural Missouri Communities

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Many of the rural Missourians that contact our personal injury law firm could never imagine living in an urban setting.  Yet in exchange for the rural lifestyle, our clients are faced with life and death disadvantages simply because of the remoteness of their homes.

Rural Car Accidents

Statistically speaking, only 33% of car accidents occur in rural areas. But rural car accidents represent a shocking 66% of related deaths. With the introduction of air-evac services, the chance that a victim will get care within the so called ‘golden hour’ after an accident does increase. But still, more people die from car accident related injuries at the scene than after they arrive at the hospital for treatment.

With as sparse as the rural population is, so are professional emergency responders. Communities often supplement with volunteers. But despite their best efforts, they are rarely adequately trained for complex or severe trauma. Furthermore, victims who can be transported to medical facilities are often met with under staffed clinics who couldn’t possibly be trained for every injury that rolls through the emergency room doors.

Hospital Budgets Complicating Recovery

The chronic lack of experienced trauma doctors and nurses in rural areas has never been a secret. But what is elusive is how to attract highly skilled medical professionals to the areas in which they are needed the most. One reason why doctors tend to gravitate toward urban areas is cultural.

But more times than not, there is simply not enough in a rural health clinic’s budget to sustain a more experienced and specialized staff.

An attributing factor may be the lack of patients with health insurance. Rural clinics and hospitals have an obligation to treat every patient in need of emergency medical services. However, as of 2013, up to 21% of the 834,000 uninsured Missourians live in non-metropolitan areas.

That equates to nearly 175,000 potential accident victims that just can’t pay!

Unpaid medical bills are a rampant problem across the state and a significant factor in the lack of profitability of private rural health clinics. Debts are written off and services and wages suffer.

How to Seek Compensation after a Rural Car Crash

One partial solution is to seek payment for medical services from a negligent party’s car insurance provider. When a serious car accident involves a negligent driver, medical providers can assert a lien against the future settlement in order to satisfy that bill.

As a result, injured victims can see their recovery through without worry that they won’t be able to afford the full scope of treatment. A free consultation with a personal injury attorney gives those patients the information they need to determine if they qualify for the benefits of treatment on a lien. In turn, the money they are able to funnel back into the medical facilities in their localities benefits the entire community.

With a steady stream of income, rural clinics can hire more doctors, provide better training to staff on hand and ultimately positively affect the health and sustainability of the rural community as a whole.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Travel to YOU

We often refer to ourselves as St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers, because that’s where our headquarters is located. But that doesn’t mean we’re only available in St. Louis County, Missouri! Our personal injury lawyers will travel all across the state of Missouri to help clients recover damages. We travel to Sullivan County, Linn County, Texas County… the list goes on and on.

If you live in a rural town in Missouri, call us at 314.444.4444. We can get you the compensation you deserve with no added travel stress to you.

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