Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents

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Driver negligence usually causes bicycle accidents, and a St. Louis personal injury attorney can often obtain substantial compensation for these victims. This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Below are some of the most common causes of bicycle crashes in the United States.

Excessive Speed Accident

High velocity is a factor in about a third of the bicycle accidents in Missouri. Speed increases the risk of a collision and the force in a crash.

Speed is additionally hazardous around curves and corners. Speeding drivers often oversteer when making turns or driving on curvy roads. The driver often overcorrects during bends and curves to avoid a collision. As a result, drivers usually lose control of their vehicles altogether while attempting to overcorrect while speeding.

Distracted Driving Accident

Hand-held cell phone calls while driving are a severe problem in Missouri. However, the Show-Me State only has a partial hands-free use ban. The law against using a cell phone while driving only applies to texting and driving, and only if the motorist is under 21.

Proving Bicycle Accident Fault

An attorney can use evidence to establish a lack of care for victims of bicycle accidents caused by drivers’ negligence. Personal injury lawsuits are often complicated and require a thorough investigation to uncover all the relevant facts and build a strong case.

Our team can gather evidence to establish what happened that contributed to your bicycle accident. In some cases, we have used advanced technology to help jurors understand how an accident occurred and help them decide fault for your bike accident claim.

St. Louis Bicycle Accident Lawyers

If you decide to pursue legal action, Schultz & Myers can take some or all of the following steps to build a case on your behalf:

  • Interview you and witnesses to understand what happened and identify any factors contributing to the accident.
  • Review any existing surveillance or cellphone videos or photos taken at or around the time of the accident to understand the events and conditions in the area at the time.
  • Review your medical records and discuss your injuries and prognosis with your physicians, physical/occupational therapists, and other healthcare providers.
  • Discuss how the accident has affected your family’s financial stability and quality of life.

For a free consultation with a bicycle accident lawyer in St. Louis, contact Schultz & Myers, Personal Injury Lawyers. Attorneys can connect victims with doctors, even if they have no money or insurance. The sooner you get the team of bicycle accident lawyers in St. Louis with Schultz & Myers, LLC, the sooner we can begin gathering evidence and working on your case. Call our office today at 314-310-2604 to speak with a member of our team.


What’s the bicycle helmet law in Missouri?

There’s no statewide requirement. Some municipalities, including St. Louis, require some riders to wear helmets.

How do lawyers prove fault in bicycle crash claims?

Ordinary negligence is a lack of care. Negligence per se is the violation of safety law, such as the DUI law.

Why don’t cities make roads safer for cyclists?

Non-riders usually oppose things like designated bike lanes set off by safety pillars, a phenomenon known as bikelash.

Truck Accident Lawyers

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