Four Types of Catastrophic Injuries That Can Happen After a Truck Accident

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The ongoing truck driver shortage is getting worse instead of better. The need could reach 330,000 drivers by 2024. Because of this shortage, there are fewer trucks on the road, which means these vehicles are heavier than ever. Furthermore, many of the operators who are behind the wheel have little experience beyond driving school.

Negligent operators are legally responsible for the serious injuries examined below. However, the transportation, shipping, or other company which owned the truck is financially responsible for damages, at least in most cases. Since these claims are so complex, only the most experienced St. Louis truck accident attorneys should handle them.

Broken Bones

At first, these injuries might not seem too severe. But the extreme amount of force in these collisions usually shatters bones instead of merely breaking them.

Doctors must use metal parts, like screws and plates, to reconstruct these bones. The more invasive the surgery, the more physical therapy the victim needs to regain lost use. Even after such therapy, some permanent loss of function is typically inevitable.

Internal Injuries

The same concussive forces which shatter bones cause internal organs to grind and bump against each other. Since these organs have no protective skin layer, these abrasions usually cause profuse bleeding.

This blood loss is hard to detect and hard to stop, which is especially true initially. Emergency responders are often so concerned with external trauma injuries that they overlook internal injuries. As a result, exsanguination (excessive blood loss) is often the official cause of death in fatal truck accident cases.

Severe Burns

Large trucks carry hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel. This substance burns at a different temperature from ordinary gasoline.

Therefore, crash victims often sustain third degree burns, which affect the inner skin layer, or fourth degree burns, which affect the bone. These injuries normally require skin grafts and other extensive, and expensive, treatment at specialty burn centers. Even after doctors finish their work, the physical and emotional scars remain.

Head Injuries

The aforementioned violent motion usually causes a victim’s brain to slam repeatedly against the inside of the skull. These repeated impacts usually trigger brain bleeding and welling. Without precise surgery and specialized physical therapy, head injuries get progressively worse.

Any brain injury is permanent. When these cells die, they never regenerate. Reducing the symptoms so victims can live somewhat normal lives is the best possible outcome.

Truck crashes often cause serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in St. Louis, contact Schultz & Myers, Personal Injury Lawyers. Virtual, home, and hospital visits are available.

4 Kinds of Truck Crash Injuries | Schultz & Myers

Common truck crash injuries include broken bones, head injuries, severe burns, and serious bleeding.


What causes truck crashes?

Operator fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck crashes. Driving after eighteen consecutive hours is like driving with a .05 BAC.

Why are trucks so big?

From the biggest to the smallest, pretty much every item in every warehouse and showroom in St. Louis spends some time on a large truck.

Who pays for damages in these cases?

The shipping, transportation, or other company which owned the truck usually must pay compensation.

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