Handling Insurance Claims WITHOUT A Personal Injury Lawyer

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When Can I Handle A Personal Injury Claim On My Own?

Here at the Personal Injury Law Firm of Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers, we lot of phone calls every day from people with varying degrees of injury. Some people will call us on behalf of a family member who is still recovering from a severe crash, and has spent days in the hospital. On the other end of the spectrum, callers who have been in auto accidents, but were not injured, are wondering how they can get reimbursed for the damage to their vehicle.
In certain circumstances, typically when injuries and damages are minimal, we tell people NOT to hire us. This isn’t because you don’t have a “good” case, it boils down to saving YOU money, which is, after all, what personal injury attorneys should be focused on doing.

Sometimes The Best Personal injury Lawyer Is No Lawyer At All

Like most personal injury law firms, at Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers, we work on a contingency fee basis. What this means, is that the client does not have to pay us until the the end of the case. This saves clients -who are already under a lot of financial strain- from having to add another bill to the mix. The exact percentage that we take is decided at the beginning, and varies based on the specifics of the claim. When all is said and done, we take the percentage out of the settlement.
In some minor car crashes or other specific situations, it wouldn’t make any mathematical sense for an injury victim to hire us. For example, if hiring a lawyer would only help you recover 10% more than you’d get while handling the claim on your own, a 25% attorney fee would cause you to lose money in the long run.

When Law Firms CAN Make A Difference

We won’t take your case unless we can help you significantly in your claims process.  A past client of ours, Mr. Barton, was injured in a car accident, and tried to handle the claim on his own. Initially, the insurance company offered him such a low amount, that his medical bills alone wouldn’t have been covered. Once he hired us, that initial offer from the insurance company was multiplied BY SIX! You can watch his story below, or see what others have to say:
[youtube id=”nvgbWJYCABA”]
Of course, every case is different, but our personal injury attorneys are in the business of making YOU money, not making money off of your misfortune. If hiring a lawyer isn’t in your best interest, we’ll tell you…(Which brings us to our next point)

Free Consultation Means No Risk To YOU

As we mentioned earlier, like most good personal injury law firms, Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers doesn’t get paid until the END of a case. That means calling our office for a consultation is 100% free.
If you’re in an accident, whether you drove away from the scene without a scratch, or took a helicopter to a hospital, there’s no reason not to fill out a contact form or call our 314.444.4444 number.  While we’re not fortune tellers, we can help you get an idea of the best route for you to take to financial recovery, and we’ll be honest with you if that best route doesn’t involve us.

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