How Soon Should I Get Medical Treatment After a Crash?

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Urgent careSo when should you seek medical care following an accident? The answer is simple: right away, and there are several reasons why.

First and Foremost: You want to Make Sure You’re Okay!

First, for your own good medical care, it is important to find out what damage has been caused to your body. Even at the scene of the crash, you my not feel immediate pain. There are medical reasons for that, including adrenaline and other chemicals that are released following a traumatic event that can mask underlying soft-tissue damage.
In some instances, the failure to identify certain types of trauma sustained from a wreck can exacerbate the injuries. This can result in permanent damage.
For example, if you feel dizzy or disoriented at the scene of the crash and decide to dismiss that symptom and head home without competent medical care, there can be a hematoma brewing in your skull. Clients of our law firm have gone home following an accident without seeking care from the emergency room, only to feel nauseous and have to be rushed to the hospital and be diagnosed with a subdural hematoma.
These are serious injuries and you need to be aware of the fact that failure to get a diagnosis can lead to real concerns and permanent damage.

Second: Gaps In Medical Care can Undermine Your Claim

Finally, insurance companies view ‘gaps in medical treatment‘ as a sign that you are not several injured. Specifically, the car insurance company and its defense attorneys will argue that your failure to obtain consistent medical treatment is an indication that there was an intervening act or other incident that caused or exacerbated the injury caused by the accident.
Gaps in medical care can undermine your personal injury claim. You need to follow each doctors advice, and if you are hurt, seek the necessary care. By all means do not exaggerate your injuries, but on the same token, don’t minimize them.
For more information on how to obtain the best medical treatment following an accident, even if you do not have health insurance, contact a St. Louis accident lawyer at Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers for an immediate consultation.
It is important to handle your case with care from the start. Failure to do so can result in a low-ball settlement, or even worse, a denied claim.

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