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The Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Illinois

Our firm handles a wide variety of personal injury claims. We have extensive experience negotiating with and litigating against large insurance companies. Our personal injury attorneys know all of their tricks and strategies, and we know how to hold them accountable under the law. Some examples of the types of cases that we often take on include:

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Carbondale, IL

Carbondale, a city located in Southern Illinois, is popular for being a major trade center in the region. A part of Jackson County, Carbondale is accessible through Illinois Route 13 and it is also served by US Route 51. A population of nearly 27,000 people resides in the city, and a huge population of students can be found due to the existence of the Southern Illinois University Campus.

Public road transportation in the city consists of buses and cabs. Bikes too are owned by people in large numbers, and there are many households in the city that own one or more cars. There are only few one-way streets in the city, and parking is often a problem in some of the city’s areas. Like other towns and cities of Illinois, Carbondale too has busy hours when the roads experience huge traffic. Car accidents and related personal injuries are not uncommon in this locale.
If you live in Carbondale and own a vehicle, it is important that:

  • You posses adequate auto insurance as per the state rules.
  • You have access to a good Carbondale Car Accident Lawyer or Carbondale Personal Injury Lawyer.
  • You know how to deal with the unfortunate event of a road accident.

We have a presence in all parts of Illinois, and that includes Carbondale as well. We offer legal help to the victims of Carbondale car accidents and wrongful deaths that occur due to the negligence of others.

Belleville, IL

Belleville is a beautiful city in the state of Illinois. It is located in the St. Claire County of the state. Belleville Historic District and Gustave Koerner House are among the popular tourist sites in the city. The city has a population of about 41,000, with more than 17,000 households.
A number of Illinois highways serve the city of Belleville. Highway number 13, 15, 159, 161 and 177 are among the most important roads used by the residents of Belleville. One can easily visit the dazzling downtown area of St. Louis from the city. The residents of Belleville own cars, bikes, and other vehicles for transportation.
The rate of accidents in Illinois has decreased now, and this holds true for all cities, including Belleville. However, the possibility of road mishaps can’t be overlooked, especially during the peak traffic hours on the busy roads of the city. In such a situation, the residents of Belleville must be familiar with the importance of a Belleville Personal Injury Lawyer and Belleville Car Accident Attorney.

Granite City, IL

Granite City in Illinois State is popular for its recreational activities, as well as for being an education hub. Granite City Park District and various golf courses in the city make it a good locality to live in. Besides, the city offers many shopping and dining opportunities to its residents.
Granite City is a part of Madison County and has a population of around 32,000 inhabitants. The median income of the city is above $35,000, and it has per capita income of above $17,000. There are four major interstate highways that serve Granite City. These highways include 44, 55, 64 and 70. These highways are of great importance for Granite City, as they connect it to many important cities like Chicago, Louisville, and Denver.
Transportation in Granite City is relatively safe; however, car and motorcycle accidents may occur, mainly due to negligence of a few drivers. If you live in the city, you must keep yourself updated about accident claims and also understand that anyone can be a victim of these accidents.
We offer our services to people in different parts of Illinois. You can hire a proficient Granite City personal injury lawyer from our firm to find a good legal representative for your case.

Springfield, IL

Springfield, Illinois is the third largest city in the state and is the county seat of Sangamon County. The city lies on the historic Route 66 and has Interstate 55 running across it from the north to south, while US 36 or I-72 traverses the city from east to west.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are a large number of accidents every year in Springfield involving hit and runs with deer that not only result in the loss of many lives, but also cause millions of dollars due to vehicle damage. There has also been a tremendous increase in the number of vehicles on Springfield roads that has brought about an increase in number of accidents in the city.
As a victim of a car accident, you would often find yourself in a tight spot, as you will be surrounded with financial and physical difficulties. While recovering from a severe accident, you will be burdened with hefty medical bills and will also experience financial loss due to lost wages.

Collinsville, IL

Collinsville, Illinois, with a population of 24,707, is a city located in Madison County. Collinsville is known as the ‘horseradish capital of the world’ and is also the home to world’s biggest ketchup bottle that is actually a 170 foot tall water tower. According to the United States Census Bureau, Collinsville IL has a total area of 35.2 square km and is located just 12 miles from Saint Louis, MO.
The rising number of cars in Collinsville and reckless driving has brought about an increase in car wreck cases in the city. An experienced Collinsville car accident lawyer will be quick to point out that even though car crashes are taking place in the city at an alarming rate, many accident victims are not aware of their rights, which further increases their physical, financial, and mental agony.
People often become puppets in the hands of car insurance personnel who are adept in shelling minimum payouts and causing myriad delays by scouting for weak evidence and making them doubt their right to entitlement.

Edwardsville, IL

Edwardsville was incorporated as a city in 1818 and is the third oldest city in Illinois. The city has a population of 24,047 and is the county seat of Madison County.
Edwardsville was named after the then Governor of Illinois, Ninian Edwards. Edwardsville belongs to the St Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area, as it is the part of Metro East region of Southern Illinois. 85 kilometers of scenic trails have been developed by the Madison County Transit that connects all the major areas of the city.
Edwardsville car accidents are unfortunately an all too common sight. Some of the main causes of car accidents in the city are speeding, inattentive driving, drivers talking on their mobiles, and late drivers eager to bypass traffic lights to get to work, to name a few. Whatever be the reason behind these car accidents, the result is always the same- wrongful deaths or serious personal injuries.
Victims of Edwardsville car accidents are often troubled by questions like:

  • What am I going to do about the hefty medical bills?
  • Who would pay my rent and my utility bills while I’m temporarily unable to work?
  • Will I be able to afford the price of my car repairs?
  • Will my insurance provider cover my hospital bills and repair costs?
  • Who will bail me out- the negligent driver or my insurer?

If you find yourself in a similar spot and are feeling helpless, contact an Edwardsville car accident lawyer. Our team of experienced Edwardsville car accident attorneys would be at your side throughout the whole claim process.

O’Fallon, IL

O’Fallon, a suburb of St. Louis, is located in St Clair County, Illinois.  The present population of this city is around 27,980.  O’Fallon was established in 1854 and named after a wealthy gentleman named John O’Fallon. O’Fallon City Center is situated about 2 miles east of the Intersection of U.S Route 50 and Interstate 64.
With every O’Fallon home now boasting one or more automobiles, the city roads are no longer safe.  You may be a cautious driver, unfortunately others on the road are not.  With alcoholism on the rise as well, there has been a drastic increase in the number of drunken driving accidents that cause fatalities and serious injuries.
If you are an automobile owner in O’Fallon, it is very important that you have:

  • Adequate insurance coverage
  • Contact details of a good O’Fallon Car accident Attorney who can help you out of any unfortunate situation

Hiring an O’Fallon Car Accident Lawyer will help you understand the best legal options available and the best strategies to get fair and full compensation from a truck or auto accident.

Alton, IL

Alton is a city located in Madison County, Illinois on the banks of Mississippi River. Alton is a part of Metro East region and belongs to the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The city has a population of 35,675 residents as per the last census.
Alton, Illinois was connected to West Alton in Missouri via a two Lane Bridge that was a site for numerous auto accidents. The bridge was brought down in the early 90’s and was replaced by the Clark Bridge, which has two lanes for dedicated traffic in each direction, as well as two bike lanes. US highway 67 passes through the city of Alton and also connects it to its various neighbors.
Though the construction of Clark Bridge has definitely brought about a reduction of sorts in the number of car accident casualties, one can still never be too sure when a mishap can strike. If you have been involved in a car accident, you should immediately take help of an Alton, IL car accident lawyer.

Joliet, IL

Joliet is a city located in the Will and Kendall Counties of Illinois. Joliet is also the county seat of Will County and is located 40 miles southwest of Chicago. As per the 2008 Census, Joliet has a population of 152,812 and is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in both Illinois and the United States.
The city is served by many US highways like US Route 6, which is known as the Grand Army of Republic Highway, Lincoln Highway US Route 30, 42, 52, and 66. All the highways running through Joliet have helped boost the economy of this city in a big way.
Safety rules laid down by the local police department have brought about a sharp decline in the number of motor related accidents in the city. However, when you stay in one of the busiest cities in Illinois, you can never be too sure about when an accident could occur. Therefore, one must always get a proper insurance cover and should be well aware about the procedure that has to be followed to make a claim.
It has often been observed that insurers veer toward denying or delaying a claim. This is when a Joliet car accident attorney can act as your shield and help you in the following ways:

  • Complete all the paperwork and other formalities needed to file a claim
  • Convince your insurer about the veracity of your claim
  • Give you the compensation amount that you rightfully own

As a Joliet Car Accident Attorney, we work to get the most money for you from the insurer. Though we strive for an out of court settlement most of the time, we also pursue claims in civil courts to help people get as much compensation as possible.
A Joliet car accident attorney from our firm can provide you with support no matter what the circumstances of your accident are.

Illinois Personal Injury Claims: Establishing Liability

In general, personal injury claims are governed by state law. As Illinois is a comparative fault state, injured victims will need to establish liability in their case under the state’s negligence statute. In simple terms, negligence is defined as the failure to take proper precautions in the context of the circumstances at hand. To prove negligence, you will need to prove each of the following required legal elements:

  • Duty;
  • Breach;
  • Causation; and
  • Damages.

Additionally, as Illinois is a comparative negligence jurisdiction, multiple parties may potentially share liability for the same accident. In fact you should know that in many cases, insurance companies try to reduce their own liability by pinning some of the blame for the accident on the injured victim. If the insurer can get away with this, it can take thousands of dollars out of your settlement offer. Do not let this happen to you. Protect yourself from unjust blame by working with a qualified Illinois personal injury lawyer.

Victims Deserve Full Compensation

Under Illinois law, injured victims have a right to recover compensation equal to the full value of their losses from the at-fault party. To be clear, this means that victims may seek recovery for both direct monetary losses as well as intangible, noneconomic damages. Our firm has the skills and experience needed to help victims maximize their recovery. We can help you seek financial relief for all of the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses, including ambulances fees;
  • All other hospital bills;
  • The costs of medication and medical equipment;
  • Costs related to rehabilitation;
  • Lost income, including loss of earning ability;
  • Long-term disability;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Mental distress;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of limb; and
  • Loss of lifestyle enjoyment.

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