Is there Compensation for a Pedestrian Hit by Car?

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When a speeding car hits a pedestrian, the results are usually tragic for the pedestrian. The medical bills alone often exceed $100,000. Therefore, these victims need substantial funds just to satisfy this obligation. Additionally, life is usually never the same for these victims. No one can turn back the clock and stop the accident from happening. But financial compensation at least makes life more livable.

To obtain this compensation, a St. Louis pedestrian accident lawyer must collect evidence that supports your claim for damages. Then, lawyers put this evidence together, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. But this work means nothing unless an attorney can successfully resolve a pedestrian accident claim. Trials resolve a few of these matters, but out-of-court settlements resolve almost all of them.

Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit Trials

Over 90 percent of the world’s jury trials occur in the United States. Generally, attorneys request jury trials if the victim sustained a catastrophic injury, like a spine injury, and the other driver is entirely responsible for the wreck.

Especially in the post-coronavirus era, many victims wait several months, or even several years, for a jury trial date. In the before times, hundreds of people gathered in large rooms and waited for jury assignments. Even then, the system was relatively slow. Those days are probably over, which means the wheels of justice will turn more slowly.

The wait for a bench trial date is usually shorter. The judge serves as both legal referee and factfinder. Judges are people too, but they are less likely to be swayed by emotional appeals. Therefore, the victim/plaintiff’s case must be rock-solid from a legal perspective.

To decide which forum is best, attorneys often present their arguments to mock juries or focus groups and gauge their reactions.

Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit Settlements

Mediation is the leading form of alternative dispute resolution. Most judges automatically refer most cases to mediation.

If both parties negotiate in good faith, mediation is about 90 percent successful. Usually, “good faith” means that both sides are determined to settle the matter, and they are willing to compromise to make that happen.

Other forms of ADR include minitrials and arbitration. A minitrial is a greatly abbreviated jury trial. After lawyers make their opening statements, jurors decide the case. Arbitration is essentially a private bench trial.

There are several ways pedestrian victims can obtain fair compensation for their serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced St. Louis, personal injury attorney, contact Schultz & Myers, Personal Injury Attorneys. Home, virtual, and hospital visits are available.


How can money compensate victims for physical injuries?

Money cannot turn back the clock. But pedestrian injury victims need money to pay medical bills.

If I was hit outside a crosswalk, can I still sue?

Yes, although a judge might reduce the amount of compensation based on your percentage of fault if any.

How much money is a pedestrian accident worth?

The amount of a settlement depends on several factors, mainly the amount of economic losses and the severity of the victim’s injuries.

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