New Year’s Eve Crash Injures 3 In Dade County, Missouri

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An early morning motor vehicle crash in Dade County resulted in three passengers being taken by ambulance to a local hospital for injuries sustained.  Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to the single vehicle crash at 2:25 this morning and found a vehicle on fire after losing control and striking a tree.

Single Vehicle Crash On New Year’s Eve

James Maggard was operating his Pontiac Grand Am westbound on Route O near Greenfield when he approached a curve on the roadway, overturned the vehicle, lost control, and overturned before striking a tree and catching fire.
Maggard had three passengers in his vehicle – 29-year-old Autumn Gladden, 21 year old Ashley Bellman-Hart, and 16 year old Billy Hart.  All three passengers were transported by ambulance to Cox South Hospital in Springfield.
Exact injuries suffered by the passengers are unknown at this time, but we do know that Billy Rose is noted to have suffered ‘serious’ injury.  Injury of the other passengers ranges from minor to moderate.

Investigating A Missouri Accident

A single vehicle accident such as this still possesses the same aspects of a motor vehicle crash involving two or more vehicles.  There is still an at-fault driver, there are still liabilities, and there is still an insurance company that may be responsible for damages.
Local police and insurance companies will survey the accident scene and the vehicle to conclude what factors may have contributed to this crash.  Possible circumstances could include weather conditions, condition of the roadway, driver impairment or distraction, vehicle maintenance and condition, or any other number of unforeseen factors. Statements will be obtained from Mr. Maggard and his passengers, as well as any witnesses there may have been to the crash.
If it is found that a driver was at all neglectful or responsible in triggering this crash, the insurance coverage that the driver carries may be responsible for any damages that their insured caused.

The Injury Law “What Ifs”

It is important for the passengers of a single vehicle crash to stay informed on the status of the accident investigation, especially if there will be any claim for damages against the driver and/or his insurance.  In this situation, passengers Gladden, Bellman-Hart, and Hart will be faced with bills and expenses for medical treatment as a result of this crash, and if found to be at-fault, the coverage held by Maggard may be responsible for paying said expenses.
In a single vehicle crash, injury victims are often times hesitant to pursue a claim against the driver, who in many cases is a friend or family member.  Passengers may feel guilty–as if it is a personal attack that would be pursued against an individual. However, the truth is that any claim is essentially against an insurance company, not an individual.
The reason we carry insurance is for worst case scenario situations such as a crash.

What To Do After A Single Vehicle Crash

Not all motor vehicle crashes are the same, and there are a number of factors to be considered when finding an at-fault party. If you’re injured in a single vehicle accident, it’s important to reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can.  The team of lawyers at Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers are experts in analyzing details of any crash to tell you if you have a potential claim or not.
You can reach us 24/7 at 314.444.4444

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