Old Jamestown Car Crash Kills One, Injures Two

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A teenager is dead after the car he was riding in slammed into a house. Two other people in the car were seriously injured.

Investigators believe that excessive speed caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle and leave the road on Del Lago Drive. All three people in the car were rushed to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. One 18-year-old male did not survive. There were three people in the house at the time, and none of them were injured.

None of the names were released.

Speed and Car Crashes

Excessive velocity is a factor in almost a third of the fatal car crashes in Missouri. Speed increases the risk of a collision and the force in a collision.

Fast-moving cars are more responsive to steering changes than slow-moving cars. As a result, speeding drivers often oversteer into curves. Then, they overcorrect in an effort to regain control. Unfortunately, that oversteering usually causes them to lose control of their vehicles. The result is usually a collision like the one described in the above story.

Furthermore, speed increases the force in a collision. In fact, according to Newton’s Second Law, speed multiples the force in a collision between two objects. Fender-benders become serious injury or fatal crashes.

Passenger Injuries

Most car crashes involve single-occupant vehicles. However, passenger injuries are not terribly uncommon. These matters involve additional legal and emotional issues. So, a good St. Louis car accident lawyer should be prepared to deal with both these things.

Legally, passenger injuries often involve the assumption of the risk defense. This legal loophole, which usually comes up in falls and other premises liability claims, excuses negligent conduct if the victim:

  • Voluntarily assumed
  • A known risk.

Most people voluntarily get into cars. Yet the risk of a crash is a theoretical one, as opposed to a known one, unless the victim witnessed something like erratic driving prior to the crash.

Typically, injured passengers know the vehicle driver, so there are some emotional issues. But a civil case is not like a criminal case. Negligence claims do not “blame” anyone for the accident. Instead, these actions hold people responsible for the mistakes they make.

Injured passengers usually have legal options. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in St. Louis, contact Schultz & Myers, Personal Injury Lawyers. You have a limited amount of time to act. 

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