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If you are injured by a defective product, a product liability lawyer in St. Louis can protect your rights and seek compensation for you. Consumers deserve protection and honest practices in the world marketplace, but that is not always the reality of buying and selling. When one consumer’s rights are impeded, it can be a sign that masses of consumers are also being treated unfairly. Consumer laws and rights are constantly being re-evaluated, especially with the fairly recent normalization of routinely ordering goods from online marketplaces like typical retail stores, Amazon, eBay, and more.

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The Consumer Federation of America is one organization designed to evaluate and protect consumer’s rights as the e-commerce industry continues to grow. Although the federation reported improvements in efforts to combat unfair practices against consumers, “Many consumer issues are not covered by federal law, including some of the top areas of complaints to state and local agencies such as auto repairs, home improvement, and landlord/tenant.”

When it comes to initiating a legal battle against a defective product and all liable parties, it is a good idea to reference state and local laws. At Schultz & Myers, LLC, our product liability lawyers in St. Louis can fight for your rights. Call us today: 314-444-4444.

About Products Liability in Missouri

When you are injured by a defective product, you have the right to seek damages for any liable parties. In the Missouri Revisor of Statutes §537.760, product liability claims arise when a plaintiff “seeks relief in the form of damages” caused by liable parties when the product is used reasonably, and existing conditions of the product cause harm without adequate warning.

But product liability cases happen at all different scales, from individual claims, to class action suits. Do not let your suspected importance or urgency stop you from filing a claim. It is important to begin working on your claim as soon as possible so our lawyers can help hold liable parties accountable for their actions. Begin working on your case now when you call the offices of Schultz & Myers, LLC at 314-444-4444.

Product liability law can be applied to nearly any product, sold by manufacturers and sellers in almost any industry. Product liability cases are more frequently popping up in the context of online merchants where sales are booming. Product manufacturers and sellers have an obligation to reasonably inform and protect consumers from the dangerous effects of their purchases.

Legal Options For Consumers and Product Liability

When sellers and manufacturers prioritize profits over people, there are devastating effects for consumers everywhere. Research shows that despite legislation against unethical selling practices, it is still fairly easy to find harmful or federally unauthorized products for sale at major retailers, especially online.
However, the location of your transaction really should not remove your civil rights, and in most cases, you are still protected by regular consumer laws.

Recent Findings in Product Liability

Recently, product liability cases have made news headlines, in the interest of keeping consumers informed, and holding major corporations liable. Courts are holding corporations accountable for the actions of third-party vendors who rarely go through a vetting process.

Even worse, third-party vendors are not leaving e-commerce sites anytime soon. When you are sold an unsafe product, determining who is liable for it can be tricky. That is why you might consider working with a product liability lawyer. We understand product liability laws and have your best interest in mind.

Building Your Case

Our lawyers want to defend your rights so that you can get the settlement you deserve. Building a case against liable parties in a product liability case can be challenging. We will ease the burden of the litigation process for you from start to finish by building a foolproof case. Our job is to initiate the period of discovery, where we investigate all possible instances of negligence, a history of the company’s consumer abuse, and more. Of course, any evidence you have concerning your direct experience with the purchase will be important, too.

Large companies and people looking to make money off of your purchases are seeking to bypass as much regulation as possible to make a quick dollar. They are doing it at your expense, which is completely unacceptable. We will explain your legal options every step of the way, and advise you on your best legal actions to get you the largest settlement possible.

According to recent reports, proving negligence in retailers can be pretty straightforward, as some merchants misinform consumers in obvious ways. Consumers have a right to be truthfully informed when buying products, and all sellers involved with the process should be vetting them for our protection. When they do not, it is only right to hold them accountable for damages.

The statute of limitations for most product liability cases in Missouri is five years. However, your case may be different. In the event of a wrongful death, the statute of limitations is only three years. Every case will be different, so it is important to give our offices a call as soon as you think you have a case: 314-444-4444.

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Do not worry about presenting a case to us that seems too difficult or too expensive. We do not charge legal fees until you get the settlement you deserve. Talk about your case with someone at Schultz & Myers, LLC when you call us at: 314-444-4444.


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