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Now that spring is finally here, many of you might be thinking about how to start getting organized for warmer months. While you are cleaning and detailing your home, be sure to clean with an eye for safety. We’re not just talking about taking frequent breaks or drinking lots of water (although you should do those too) we’re talking about taking a few extra steps to tackle safety hazards in the home. In our business, we see severe injuries and even deaths occurring because a person or company was cutting corners.

This week Schultz & Myers will be bringing you important safety tips and tricks to pay attention to while you check off your cleaning list. This starts with keeping yourself and others safe before and during the cleaning process. Use the left and right arrows on the side of the pictures to navigate this blog.


Bending and lifting can put a significant strain on your spinal discs—especially in your lower back. Back in 1997, a company based out of Detroit reported that a quarter of their work related injuries were from strains and sprains resulting from heavy lifting. After settling several workers compensation claims, the construction company implemented pre-work stretching routines at all job sites. Today, the company rarely sees employees injured on the job because of sprains or strains.

Take a lesson from the construction company and do ten minutes of stretching before you start to clean. Breathe deeply while stretching your quads, hamstrings, triceps and hands. A few minutes of stretching will lubricate joints and ligaments in order to reduce the risk of injury.

Using Heavy-Duty Cleaners can Cause Poisoning Injuries

Poisonings are the leading cause of death from injuries in the United States. It is important that you keep yourself and your family safe when you use strong household cleaners or pesticides.

Read All labels: Labels give you important information about the ingredients, directions, and dangers of its contents. Double check to see what types of personal protective equipment you need to wear while using strong cleaners. Gloves, goggles, and masks are sometimes necessary to protect yourself from harmful fumes or splashing liquid cleaner.

Before you start cleaning, open the windows in the house and turn on fans. It’s important to encourage ventilation in your home when you introduce chemicals into the equation.
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Consider the Kids

Whether or not your children are old enough to help you with your spring cleaning tasks, you’ll have to take extra precautions when cleaning around children. The majority of household injuries involving children occur between 4 and 8 pm—when school-aged children are home and awake.

If you are using hazardous chemicals or climbing up and down ladders, put the potential hazards away before you move on to the next task. Leaving a child unsupervised with a potential safety hazards, even if only leaving the room to grab some extra paper towels, can be enough time to a child to reach a chemical or climb a ladder.
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Preventing Personal Injuries in the Home

Keep up with the Schultz & Myers Personal Injury blog this week for safety tips and tricks to follow while you tackle your spring cleaning tasks. Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to preventing injuries in and out of the home. (Photo Courtesy of Thisisbossi)

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