Snapchat Named In Car Accident Lawsuit

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Snapchat has come under fire after being named in a lawsuit for its alleged involvement in a car accident in Atlanta. According to reports, a teenager was using a Snapchat filter to share with friends how fast she was driving when she collided with another vehicle.
In a statement from the law offices of Michael Lawson Neff, who is representing one victim of the car accident, the teenage driver admitted she was “just trying to get the car to 100 miles per hour to post on Snapchat.”

Uber Driver Severely Injured In Snapchat Crash

According to the reports, Christal McGee, 18, was driving her Mercedes C230 at 107 mph in a suburb of Hampton, Ga. McGee had recently finished a shift at work, and was driving coworkers home. She took out her phone to use the Snapchat filter, and explained to her passengers that she wanted to post a photo of herself driving fast.
The Snapchat “Smart Filter” displays the speed the user is traveling over the image that can be taken in camera form or as a “selfie.” The images below are just some examples of the Snapchat filter.
A passenger in McGee’s car allegedly saw the Snapchat Filter display 113 mph when McGee decided to post it. Moments later, the Mercedes collided with a Mitsubishi Outlander driven by Uber Driver, Wentworth Maynard.
Maynard was severely injured in the crash and spent five weeks in the hospital where he was treated for traumatic brain injury. According to his attorney, Maynard continues to suffer chronic pain, difficulties in communication, memory loss, and depression.
McGee and her passengers were also injured in the accident and treated for cuts and bruises.
Christal McGee posted a Snapchat image of herself from the ambulance gurney with the caption “lucky to be alive.”

Technology In Car Accident Lawsuits

The Snapchat lawsuit is getting a large amount of media attention partly because the app maker is being sued for the actions of one of its users. This concept is certainly a new byproduct of the advancement of technology.
We recently blogged about a similar situation in which one woman was blamed for texting her boyfriend while he was driving. The woman, however, was not in the vehicle with him.
Like the texting and driving case, the Snapchat lawsuit will determine whether outsiders can be held accountable for drivers’ behaviors. What’s remarkable about this case, though, is that it is naming a company rather than an individual, so the outcome will likely be different.

Missouri Car Accidents & Distracted Driving

While this accident happened in Georgia, Missouri drivers are just as likely to use their phones behind the wheel. If you are injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, call Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers at 314.444.4444 for a free consultation.
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