Keeping Your Kids Safe During Missouri Summers

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Summer break is here! Get ready for new schedules, visits to the pool, and of course, road trips! However, summer brings with it a whole new set of worries.
Make sure you’ve brushed up on your summer car safety tips. Here’s our St. Louis personal injury lawyer‘s advice on how to reduce your chances for car accidents and injury this summer:

Prevent Children from overheating in their car seats or boosters.

Never leave a young child alone inside a vehicle, where the temperature can quickly become unsafe. It happens every year, and every year it’s avoidable. Keep a phone or a shoe in the back seat, so you don’t leave your baby when your brain goes into auto-mode.
Additionally, don’t think it’s not your responsibility if you see a child trapped in someone else’s car. Call 911 immediately. If the child is unresponsive, or if it’s a really hot day, do whatever you can to save the child. Contrary to the popular rumor, you can’t get sued for it;
[youtube id=”43MZTv5Sb6c”]

Seat Belts Get Hot!

Did you know metal tongues on your child’s car seat buckle may become extremely hot when exposed to the sun for an extended period of time and can injure your child upon contact with skin?
When you leave the car in the sun, drape a blanket over the car-seat, or even your own metal buckles to prevent getting burnt on your way back in.
One DIY crafter has created a “car seat cool down” project for parents to keep car seats cool while they’re parked under the hot sun. Simply put the car seat cool down on the car seat while the kid is away from it.
By the time you get back, REMOVE the product, and your kid’s seat will be a comfortable temperature.

Watch your Teenage Drivers

Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers recently blogged about a teenage driver who was killed in a car accident after only having her learners permit for a few months.
Teenage drivers are still learning new defensive driving skills, so it’s important to be proactive about teenage driving. While your teenager will likely avoid texting and driving while driving with a learner’s permit, texting and driving has become an epidemic among teens.
When teaching your teenager to drive, talk to them about the importance of making safe decisions behind the wheel. Encourage them to wear seatbelts, to not drink and drive, and to put down the phone.

Buckle Up!

Make sure your kids are buckled – even on long road trips! If you are not certain about the seat you have for your child or its installation in your car it’s time to get it checked. About 70 percent of car seats are not installed properly! Fortunately, there are many locations in which a certified car seat technician can check your car seat installation to make sure that you’re using it properly.
Don’t forget to buckle yourself up too! If you’re not buckled, and you’re driving, it’s easier to lose control of the vehicle when things go wrong – putting more than just yourself in danger.

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