Understanding Blunt Force Injuries from Car Accidents

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Every form of injury after a car accident is not easy as it causes pain and suffering to the affected parties. The types of damage vary and include blunt force injuries. This form of harm occurs after a forceful impact on your body following a car accident. Unlike the open wounds that are noticeable, blunt force injuries are not and can be fatal.

Think of head trauma or pressure-related injuries. Do not assume the magnitude of the injury and fail to seek treatment. Blunt force injuries are concealed, and only a doctor can determine if there are any internal injuries. This is why it’s essential to disclose all the crash scenarios so that the medical experts can determine the kind of injuries you are likely to have. A competent personal injury lawyer like Schultz & Myers will help you file a case and receive maximum compensation in case you have been involved in such an accident and acquired blunt force injuries.

Common Organs Damaged by Blunt Force Injuries

Blunt force injuries are hazardous to your internal organs. However, a medical professional will run CT- scans, X-rays, and fetal heart rate monitoring to know the extent of the damage after an accident.

Your abdominal organs are highly affected by the seat belt and steering wheel. They can harm your liver, spleen, kidney, diaphragm, and even intestines. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a blow to your head during a crash may affect your brain’s functionality.

Fractures may also occur to your ribs, hips, and pelvis. Any form of injury can affect your everyday activities and earnings. Involving Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers will help you if you have questions about such an accident and the resulting blunt force injuries.

To Sue or Not to Sue for Blunt Force Injuries

Most car accidents happen due to someone else’s carelessness. So, if you’re a victim of blunt force injuries from another party, you can sue for compensation. Your attorney will help prove that the other party was liable and negligent, leading to you suffering from blunt force trauma. They will help you recover all the costs incurred after the crash. We have a professional and compassionate team of St Louis Car Accident Attorneys who are ready to handle the complexity of your case in the best way possible. Contact us online for a free consultation today.

Blunt Force Injuries FAQs

How can you detect a blunt force injury?

A medical professional will run a physical exam and x-rays to determine your blunt force injury.

Can you sue for blunt force injuries?

Yes. A personal injury attorney will help sue for negligence.

What are the effects of blunt force injuries?

These may include internal bleeding, fractures, contusions, abrasions, and brain injuries.

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