What To Wear To A Deposition

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7 Tips on Dressing for your Deposition

ClothingSt. Louis Personal injury attorney, Josh Myers answered the question “What Should I Wear to a Deposition” on our Ask Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers channel just a few weeks ago, and already, we’re getting several views. This is obviously something that clients involved in personal injury cases are concerned about.
Your attorney may have said that the deposition is kept casual, and it is. However, that doesn’t mean that you should dress like you were watching a ball game on a Sunday.
As Josh explains in the video below, if you’re going to a deposition, treat your outfit planning like you would a job interview.
Watch Josh’s video, and then read the extra deposition outfit tips below.
[youtube id=”qMxvdISbYf4″]

1. Dress like you’re going to an interview

Deposition ClothingThe best way to describe proper deposition dress is interview attire.
The outfit you would wear to a job interview is one of the better options for dressing for a deposition. This means a shirt and tie for men, a nice blouse for women, and slacks or a skirt.

2. Shave

Men dressing for deposition should consider shaving the morning of their depo. If the deposition is scheduled for later, you may even consider shaving at noon to avoid that 5:00 shadow. If you must keep your beard, make sure that it is clean and trimmed.

3. Cover any tattoos

If you have any tattoos, especially facial or neck tattoos, use makeup to do your best to mask them. Pick a concealer or cover-up at the grocery store or Sally’s beauty supply that matches your complexion.

4. Wear Conservative Shoes

No SneakersDon’t wear tennis shoes to a deposition. Don’t wear your stiletto heels either.
While your feet won’t likely show up on camera, this is considered an important meeting, and you’ll want to dress the part.
Basic, conservative shoes are the best option. Men should polish their dress shoes. Women should keep heels less than 2 inches, or wear nice flats or dress shoes.

5. Keep accessories to a minimum

Coco Chanel famously says that women remove one accessory before leaving the house. This is especially true if women are going to a deposition.
Too much flashy jewelry can be distracting. It’s better to wear a small chain, studs instead of hoop earrings, or keep it simple and wear no jewelry at all.

Comb Hair6. Hair should be neat, washed, and combed

Women should keep their hair conservative: pulled away from the face, or parted neatly. Men should consider getting a trim to make sure their hair looks tidy.

7. Keep scent underwhelming

Be sure to shower the morning of your deposition. You can wear some perfume or cologne, but don’t overdo it.

Stop Worrying so Much!

Remember, these tips are just guidelines and best practices, they’re not requirements. The point is, look tidy and clean. Otherwise, the deposition is primarily based on what you’re saying, not your outfit.
The best personal injury attorneys will prepare you for what will be asked of you at the deposition. If your deposition is tomorrow, just take a few deep breaths and get some sleep.
Your deposition is an important part of your case, but as long as you’re honest, you don’t have to worry so much!

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