Who Is Responsible For A T-Bone Accident?

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Being involved in a T-bone accident can be a traumatic experience. The collision can cause severe injury, necessitating good Samaritans to help you get medical attention. Some accidents are minor, and you can take some steps to protect yourself once you’ve processed the events.

Determining who’s at fault can be vital to protect your rights and get compensation. You can call a lawyer for guidance.

How a T-Bone Accident Happens

A T-bone collision, also known as a side-impact or broadside accident, occurs when one vehicle’s front crashes into another car’s side, forming a ‘T-shape’ at the impact point. These vehicles are perpendicular to one another.

T-bone crashes often happen at intersections. A collision can also occur on an interstate or highway and in a parking lot.

Who Is At Fault in a T-Bone Collision?

You cannot determine who is at fault in a T-bone collision by looking at who T-boned whom. The right of way — which vehicle had the right to move forward — is the way to determine who’s at fault. One car had the right of way, while the other vehicle violated this right of way.

The vehicle that didn’t have the right of way is at fault. Little evidence at the crime scene can reveal which car had the right way.

Determining who’s at fault can often come down to what the witnesses and drivers claim happened. It can also depend on who sounds more credible if both drivers claim they had the right of way.

The other vehicle’s insurers can trick you into making statements that enable them to place more fault on you. A lawyer specializing in vehicle accidents can guide you on what to say.

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How Does an Attorney Prove Liability?

The lawyer will use witness statements, accident scene documentation, and personal/health records to prove liability after a T-bone crash.

Which Damages Can a T-Bone Accident Cause?

A T-bone accident can cause pain, injury, property damage, financial losses, etc.

Which Are the Common Parties Liable in T-Bone Accidents?

The common parties liable in T-bone accidents are the drivers involved in the crash, the vehicle manufacturer, and another driver.

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