Superstitious folks can be quite nervous about the number 13. That’s why you’ll rarely see the 13th floor in a skyscraper.

The ancient superstition is likely to have stemmed from the Last Supper, after which Jesus was betrayed by one of the 13 attendees. However, some scholars argue that the fear of the number 13 began much further back, due to its malevolent presence in Hindi mythology.

Of course, days like today, Friday the 13th, are considered a double dose of bad luck, as some cultures consider Fridays to be the unluckiest of days. Again, this dates back to Christ, who died on the cross on a Friday.

So, we were curious as to whether or not these Triskaidekaphobics (Fear of the number 13) and Friggatriskaidekaphobics (Fear of Friday the 13th) had any merit in their superstitions. At least, statistically speaking.

As car accident lawyers in St. Louis, we figured we’d apply it directly to our field: are there more car accidents on Friday the 13th?

More Unlucky Days Means More Crashes

More Unlucky Days Means More Crashes

Every year has at least one Friday the 13th, but every once in a while, there are more Friday the 13ths than normal. 2009, 2012, and 2015 all had three Friday the 13ths throughout the year. In the 28-year cycle of our calendar, there are always four years with three “unlucky” days.

Naturally, your chances of being injured in a car accident on Friday the 13th will go up if there are 3 such dates in a calendar year, opposed to the normal one or two. But that’s just numbers.
We’d rather look into the likelihood of being in a crash on Friday the 13th versus being in a crash on any other day of the year.

Injuries From Car Accidents On Friday The 13th

Injuries From Car Accidents On Friday The 13th

In the 1990s, British researchers looked into whether or not there was any evidence of an increased car accident risk on Friday the 13th on a southern section for London’s M25 motorway.
The researchers found the data for the five months that the 13th fell on a Friday between the years of 1990 and 1992. They then compared the data to Friday the 6th of those same months.
Interestingly, the researchers found that there were significantly fewer cars on the road on the 13th—possibly a result of friggatriskaidekaphobics choosing not to drive that day. The number of accidents, however, remained the same.

Thus, technically speaking, researchers wrote “The risk of hospital admission as a result of the transport accident may be increased by as much as 52%” on Friday the 13th.
But, don’t say “I told you so” just yet.

Robert Luben, a researcher at the school of clinical medicine at the University of Cambridge was very transparent about his tongue-in-cheek research.
Luben admitted that he was only writing the piece for the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal, which usually prints satirical articles for the researchers to enjoy. Had it been an authentic study, his manipulative conclusion and research methods would certainly have been thrown out.

Citing The Spoof Study

Citing The Spoof Study

Much to the researchers’ chagrin, the Cambridge Friday the 13th study continues to be cited today as concrete evidence regarding the misfortune of Friday the 13th.
The online community tends to struggle recognizing satire, and continue to take the articles at face value.

“There are no lucky or unlucky numbers; they exist only in our heads” Radun clarified when asked about the study, “and they might become lucky or unlucky only if we make them as such,”

The bottom line: your chances of being in a car accident do NOT change on Friday the 13th.

What If I’m The Unlucky One?

What If I’m The Unlucky One?

Still, phobias are never logical, and facts don’t always break fear. Many triskaidekaphobics won’t be convinced to drive on such an unlucky day. No matter how irrational their fear is, many will still choose to play it safe.

If you are one of the unlucky individuals to get injured in a car accident on Friday the 13th, We’re here to help. We always say to call us as soon as you can, but remember, Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers is reachable by phone or by live chat 24/7.

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