Car Accidents

Can I Have Just One Drink and Be Safe To Drive in St. Louis?

The act of drinking and driving is illegal in every state, as the effects of alcohol can seriously impair a person’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. But are the risks as severe after just one drink? The answer depends on several factors. Alcohol Limits According to Missouri Law The first step toward answering a… read more

Car Accidents Caused By Brake Checking in St. Louis, MO

In 2022, over 45,000 people were injured — and almost 1,000 were killed — in car accidents in Missouri. Most of these kinds of crashes are preventable, but they are rarely intentional. However, that isn’t the case for those caused by brake checking. These accidents are indeed intentional, as well as preventable.  The following is… read more

What’s Causing Neck & Lower Back Pain After a St. Louis Car Accident?

Neck and back pain are very common after a car accident. For many people, this pain isn’t too severe and resolves on its own. For others, a car accident is the start of a lifetime of chronic pain and even disability. If you are dealing with neck and lower back pain after a car accident… read more

What Does a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer Do?

There’s no rule requiring you to hire an attorney after a car accident in St. Louis, Missouri. However, there are good reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim and any potential lawsuit. At the least, it’s probably worth your time to set up a free consultation and receive some initial legal… read more

Is Flying Safer Than Driving?

Safety is always a top priority, and that is especially true for travelers. In turn, if you travel frequently, certain questions have more than likely crossed your mind. Is flying safe? How safe is flying? Has a plane crashed into cars before? They may seem like obvious inquiries to pose, but the answers may surprise… read more

What Are the 12 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in St. Louis, MO?

Car accidents can happen for many reasons, but what is the most common cause of collisions in St. Louis, Missouri? There isn’t one particular thing that causes traffic crashes more than others. Instead, there is a short list of common causes of motor vehicle accidents. If you’ve sustained injuries in a car wreck, speak to… read more

Why Do Rear-End Collisions Happen in St. Louis, and Who’s To Blame?

If you’ve ever been rear-ended by another vehicle, you know the feeling of sheer panic as you see another car speeding toward you. Many drivers who have been hurt in these crashes don’t have the opportunity to take defensive action, and injuries are often devastating.  Who is at fault in a rear-end collision? As you’ll… read more

Traffic and Red Light Cameras in St. Louis, MO

If you’re like many Missourians, you probably aren’t in favor of the state’s red light cameras. Getting fines and points on your license because of a single photo that may not explain the whole scenario can seem unfair.  However, ticketing based on red light cameras is still a legal practice in St. Louis, and ignoring… read more

MSHP Reports: What You Need To Know

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) has jurisdiction over car accidents that happen on state and interstate highways. The agency shares jurisdiction with city police departments and county sheriff’s offices. The MSHP will defer to city police departments unless they are asked to investigate. Consequently, you may not have an MSHP report for your crash…. read more

Window Tint Laws in Missouri

Countless vehicle owners choose to tint their car’s windows. Often, it’s for the look, as tinted windows can make a vehicle look more sleek and sophisticated. Also, tinted windows can provide some much-needed protection from the sun and help keep cars cooler in the hot months. If you wish to tint your windows in Missouri,… read more