Our blog talks a lot about all kinds of car and truck accidents that lead to serious injury. Car accidents involving semi-trucks or other heavy vehicles can cause particularly large damages to vehicles and people.

1. Low Speed Car Accidents

However, the majority of car accidents that occur around St. Louis every day are low-speed crashes. Typically, these occur on surface roads. Accidents may occur while backing out of a driveway or driving through a neighborhood.
While your car might not be traveling at 75mph while it’s struck, your car is still very, very heavy compared to your body. Even a low-speed fender-bender can cause whiplash that requires several visits with a physician or specialist.

Avoiding Low-Speed Collisions

When driving on surface streets at low speeds, just remember that you are still driving. If you just got off of a highway, you might feel like you’re home scot-free, but most accidents occur within just a few miles of the driver’s home or workplace. Don’t drive distracted, and don’t be in a hurry. Just drive.

Would you Need an Attorney for a Low-Speed Crash?

Short answer: maybe. Many people make the mistake of assuming that damages from low-speed accidents don’t warrant calling a St. Louis personal injury lawyer. If the damages were only to your vehicle, you may be better off representing yourself, but if any degree of injury occurs, we recommend calling an attorney right away. Since consultations at personal injury offices are typically free, just follow your instinct. While you might not end up hiring one, there’s no harm in getting some free advice.

2. Front Impact Car Accidents

Head-on Car Accidents are by far the most dangerous type of accident. Head-on collisions are responsible for causing the most injuries and fatalities compared to the others on this list.
The most common frontal crashes involve other cars, trees, or road obstructions.

How to Avoid a Head-On Collision

Most head-on crashes are caused by a combination of high speed and distraction. If another car is driving against traffic and heading toward you, there’s very little time to avoid a collision. Your best bet is to try to pull over as far to the right of the roadway as possible and slow down.

The driver may or may not know they are driving against traffic. If they pass you, try to flash your lights to get their attention.

Would you Need an Attorney for a Frontal Impact Crash?

If you were injured in a frontal impact accident, you will probably need to hire an attorney, especially if it involved a wrong-way driver.
As we mentioned previously, injuries resulting from front-impact car accidents can be severe, and the medical bills astronomical. You’ll want an experienced attorney on your side to help gather evidence and file claims on your behalf.
We recommend after a front-impact crash, your focus should be healing yourself, not fighting an insurance company.

3. Rear-end Collisions

Rear-end collisions are about as common as frontal crashes. Typically, crashes like these are caused while distracted drivers are sitting in traffic, behind a stoplight, or at a stop sign.

When there are multiple cars lined up, a chain-reaction can occur. Sometimes, drivers will become “sandwiched” between cars, their own vehicle being impacted from behind first, and then at the front.

Avoiding Rear-End Crashes

The police report typically determines that the driver following behind was the at-fault driver. This is because they should have allotted more distance between himself and the car in front.
While you cannot control what the driver behind you is doing, you can try to avoid compounding the accident by giving yourself plenty of space behind the car in front of you. If an impact should occur, you won’t be sandwiched between two cars, potentially leading to more severe injuries.

Would you Need an Attorney for a Rear-End Car Accident?

Again, this situation depends on the severity of the crash and your injuries sustained. If it was just a “fender bender,” and no one was hurt, you may be able to file the claim without the help of an attorney.
If a “sandwiching” incident occurs, the insurance company representing the driver in front will probably try to get a recorded statement from you. We recommend you talk to an attorney about your rights before speaking with any insurance company.

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