Car accidents can happen for many reasons, but what is the most common cause of collisions in St. Louis, Missouri? There isn’t one particular thing that causes traffic crashes more than others. Instead, there is a short list of common causes of motor vehicle accidents.

If you’ve sustained injuries in a car wreck, speak to a St. Louis car accident lawyer. Your lawyer can determine why your collision happened and who’s to blame for your losses to get you the fairest possible compensation

Determining the Cause of Your Collision

There are several important details to consider for your collision claim — the cause of your accident being one of them. Once you determine the cause of your car wreck, you’ll have a better indication of who is responsible, which is necessary to pursue compensation from the appropriate party.

It can be difficult to tell what the most common cause of a collision is, but these are some of the typical reasons that often lead to car accidents in St. Louis, MO. 

Road Rage/Aggressive Driving

At some point, everyone experiences road rage. It results in aggressive driving behaviors, including tailgating, brake checking, and weaving in and out of lanes.

Feelings of road rage can stem from frustration with rush hour traffic or running behind schedule. Regardless, irresponsible actions while driving can result in car wrecks, including rear-end collisions and side-swipe crashes.


Speeding is a common type of aggressive driving behavior. Not only does it frequently cause collisions, but car wrecks involving speeding can be so severe they end in death.

There are many dangerous consequences to speeding. When drivers speed, they are at greater risk of losing control of their vehicle, and their stopping time and distance increase. When a collision occurs at high speeds, the impact is much more significant, and protection equipment, like airbags, is not as effective. 

Everyone has different motivations for speeding, including running late and a disregard for the law. Some drivers speed frequently with no repercussions and make it a daily habit. Still, collisions where speeding is a contributing factor happen regularly and often have detrimental outcomes. 

Distracted Driving

Many believe the most common cause of a collision is distracted driving because it can take so many forms. Distractions are almost always present while driving, so it can be easy to become distracted behind the wheel. Nonetheless, it’s essential to keep your full attention on the road to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Driving distractions are classified into three separate categories — visual, manual, and cognitive distractions.

Visual distractions take your eyes off the road and include texting and looking for a fallen item. Manual distractions take one or both hands off the steering wheel, like eating or changing the radio station. Finally, cognitive distractions, like daydreaming or fatigue, take your mind off the task at hand. 

Multitasking is usually an impressive skill – but not when it comes to driving. Drivers should never try to multitask or engage in anything that would take their attention away from safe driving. 

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is often compared to aggressive driving, but it’s much more serious. When a person drives recklessly, they drive in a manner that shows disregard for others’ safety. Reckless driving is illegal in every state.

While Missouri law doesn’t specifically define reckless driving, the law refers to this type of driving as “careless and imprudent” driving. Not only can reckless driving cause car wrecks, but it can also result in a criminal misdemeanor charge with penalties including fines and jail time. 

Failure To Yield

To yield means to allow another driver, pedestrian, or bicyclist to go ahead of you. Depending on the situation, drivers have a legal duty to yield to others. Failure to yield can easily result in collisions. 

Like other states, Missouri provides right-of-way laws, indicating when a driver has the right of way and when they must yield to others. Violation of these laws can have criminal and civil repercussions. 

Unsafe Lane Changes

When switching from one lane to another, drivers should use turn signals and only change lanes when there is enough space to safely do so. Drivers who drive aggressively, squeezing in and out of lanes to advance through traffic, increase the likelihood of car wrecks. 

Improper Turns

Like lane changes, it’s important to take proper measures when turning. When turning left at an intersection, drivers must watch for oncoming traffic and only turn when no cars are coming. Making right turns requires looking at street signs and lights and yielding to others when necessary.

Unsafe turns can result in car accidents and injuries. T-bone collisions are among the most common car wrecks involving improper turning. 

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

Red lights and stop signs aren’t mere suggestions — they require drivers to come to a complete stop. Still, drivers are often comfortable violating traffic laws and running lights and signs, regularly causing collisions. 

Driving Under the Influence

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal in every state. These substances have a significant effect on the body, including slowing reaction times and blurring vision. Driving under the influence puts both the driver and others on the road at risk of a car wreck. 

Fatigued Driving

It’s not uncommon for drivers to drive while tired, but doing so can be dangerous. Fatigue can have similar effects on the body as drinking alcohol, and driving while fatigued can make it more challenging for drivers to drive safely and prevent accidents. 

Night Driving

Once the sun sets, the road becomes riskier. It’s much harder for many drivers to drive at night, as it’s more difficult to see dangers on the road. Additionally, there are more fatigued drivers and drunk drivers on the roads at night, increasing the likelihood of car wrecks. 

Vehicle Malfunctions

Cars can experience various malfunctions, including brake and steering issues. When a car malfunctions, it can be easier for the driver to lose control and cause car crashes. 

Whether the cause of your accident is on the list of the most common causes of collisions or not, you should seek legal assistance. A St. Louis car accident attorney has the knowledge, resources, and skills to determine what caused your crash and who could be at fault and to pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

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