Arkansas Semi-Truck Accidents And Drowsy Driving

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Arkansas has a significant amount of semi-truck traffic. Several interstate highways that connect north, south, east, and west run through the state. Due to this increasing amount of tractor-trailer traffic, major collisions are a regular occurrence.

Recent Semi-Truck Accident Sparks Discussion

Most recently, a federal jury in northern Arkansas found a trucking company liable to pay $7 Million to a Missouri truck driver who was fatally injured when his truck impacted another tractor-trailer. The collision involved Roger Reagan and another truck owned and operated by Dunaway Timber Company and driven by driver Morgan Quisenberry. The allegations reflect that Quisenberry was apparently fatigued and drifted over the center line of traffic and crashed nearly head-on into Reagan, who was a family man from Farmington Missouri.

Drowsy Driving Leads to Semi-Truck Crashes

Fatigued truck driving is the most dangerous safety concern throughout the trucking and casualty insurance industry. Truckers regularly operate their rigs for more consecutive hours of road time than is allowed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. This presents a serious safety hazard for both passenger cars and other truckers on Arkansas roads and highways.
Our Arkansas truck accident attorneys have heard truckers joke about having two sets of driver logbooks. One set is the “fake ones’ that truckers will show to police and authorities when they enter scales or are stopped by law enforcement for roadside safety inspections. Then there is a second set of logbooks which contain the “real hours” worked by that driver for a certain 24 hour time period. We are not making this up. Go to a truck stop and ask a truck driver and if he or she is honest, you will hear about the two sets of logbooks.
As an Arkansas semi-truck accident lawyer, I can tell you that our law firm has investigated and prosecuted countless cases where a fatigued truck driver caused, or contributed to cause, a serious and/or fatal truck crash. The circumstances are almost always the same and share a common set of facts…a trucking company is pressuring its driver to haul as much freight as possible in a given time period, causing that driver to operate in excess of the time limitations set forth for truck driving by the federal government and Arkansas state law.
The driver may not be “tired” by is overly “fatigued”, which are two completely different things. The fatigued trucker lets his guard down and next thing you know, a major collision happens. These are almost always “preventable” collisions. There is no such thing as a “fatigued accident.” These are conscious decisions made by truckers and the trucking companies they haul freight for.

Contacting an Arkansas Truck Accident Lawyer

At Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers, our attorneys investigate semi-truck crashes in Little Rock, Rogers, Fayetteville and everywhere in between in the state of Arkansas. Our experienced injury lawyers aggressively pursue justice on behalf of innocent victims of these preventable truck crashes. This all starts with an initial client-lawyer consultation, which is both free and confidential. Terms of representation are discussed as well as the precise steps to take in a tractor-trailer accident claim for compensation. To learn more about this complex process, contact one of the best Arkansas injury lawyers at 314-444-4444. The call and consultation are free of charge.

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