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Sexual abuse by the Catholic Church is a serious issue that was swept under the rug by religious officials for years. It was not until 2002 that serious light was shed on the issue by investigative journalists at the Boston Globe. Following the publication of such incidents, more victims of abuse dating back to the 1970s came forward. It turns out for many of the victims, coming forward with personal experiences with priests—dead or alive—was immensely freeing. If you or a loved one was the victim of sexual violence or other abuse in the Church, our Church abuse lawyers in St. Louis can help. With the recent revelations of hundreds and thousands of cases of sexual abuse, you are not alone. Get started on your case today when you call Schultz & Myers, LLC: 314-444-4444.

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About Catholic Clergy and Abuse

Not only were Catholic Church abuse cases hidden for years, upon publication, some church advocacy groups began to aid in the cover-up for revered priests. Fortunately, repeated investigation into these reports has proven that, convicted or not, some priests face multiple allegations against them. While the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals may infamous, our lawyers understand that sexual abuse in a religious institution is not limited to Catholicism. 
Not all the priests facing allegations were charged with a crime. Church abuse is an issue with a long-ranging history and should be taken seriously. There are still new cases of church abuse being revealed today. 
Despite cover-ups by the Church and denials by priests and other accused members of the Church, it is still possible for sexual abusers to be held liable for their actions from years ago.

Attorneys Can Hold Bishops Accountable

The attorneys at Schultz & Myers, LLC understand sexual abuse laws and the current climate of the Catholic Church scandals in St. Louis. It is important to explore your legal options with a legal professional who has your interests and rights in mind. If you are ready to hold your abuser(s) accountable, please call us for a free case evaluation by a member of our staff: 314-444-4444.

Tough Cases Are Welcome Here

If your abuse happened in or out of Missouri, our lawyers can handle your case. Do not worry about having sufficient evidence when you begin building your case—our church abuse lawyers in St. Louis can give you the perspective you need to build a case that protects your rights and interests. Under Missouri law, there may be a statute of limitations to your case if it involved general abuse and neglect. This is why some church abuse cases are not fully brought to justice. However, there is no time limitation for sexual abuse claims when the victim was under 18 years at the time of the incident, per Missouri statute 566.037.
Although there is not one specific reported motivation for Catholic clergy perpetrators of sexual abuse, a report by the John Jay College Research team on the causes and context of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests said, “Priests who were sexually abused as minors themselves were more likely to abuse minors than those without a history of abuse.” In addition, although new cases are being reported, they are typically from the decades previously indicated. The same report said that “substantial delay in the reporting of sexual abuse is common, and many incidents of sexual abuse by priests were reported decades after the abuse occurred.” 
Organizations like churches are intended to guide and protect youth, not abuse them. If you were a victim of abuse, our church abuse lawyers in St. Louis can help you work towards healing with a case against the perpetrators or the organizations that enabled abusive behavior. 
We know that survivors of abuse can feel unheard and discredited, but we are here to support you. Even if your abuser has not been accused or held accountable for abusive actions before, there are still ways for us to investigate and build a case on your behalf, so that others may also come forward.

Laws Against Child Sexual Abuse

Missouri law is designed to hold perpetrators of child abuse accountable for their behavior, with fierce penalties for anyone convicted of child sex crimes. Since children are some of the most vulnerable people in our population, sexual abuse laws give leeway to reporting cases of abuse. This is why new cases are still being reported today, and lists of accused clergy are still being released, even if the accused are dead. 

Your Lawsuit Can Help Others

When you come forward with your case of church abuse, know that you are potentially paving the way for others to also hold abusive churches accountable. Overall, your case is worth pursuing if it means that more abusive behavior will be brought to justice.
The lawyers at Schultz & Myers, LLC know how to handle church abuse cases, where victims of neglect and violence are the most vulnerable people of society. Do not wait to pursue your case any longer. Start with a free consultation about your case when you call the offices of Schultz & Myers, LLC today: 314-444-4444.


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