Concussions in Car Accidents & Permanent Brain Damage

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By definition, a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. If allowed sufficient time to rest, the vast majority of concussions from auto accidents resolve themselves without causing any permanent deficiencies. However, some concussions can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) which causes permanent damage.
Post-concussion syndrome can cause significant difficulties in victim concentration and can result in chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression. These types of injuries require a commitment to expensive medical diagnosis and ongoing care. Depending on the deficits, a brain injury victim can become dependent on a lifetime of care. The burdens of TBI become those of surrounding family members. The injury is further reaching that merely the victim.
Post-concussion syndrome and traumatic brain injury requires heavyweight legal representation. TBI injury cases can be extremely complex from a medical standpoint and your attorney must understand how to recover fair compensation that will take care of the victim for past AND future medical expenses.
Our St. Louis brain injury lawyers retain neurologists and life-care planners to aid in putting the pieces in place for the cost of ongoing medical care for the victim. This is a process which requires attention to detail and a understanding of how brain injury affects not only the victim, but persons around the victim as well.
Brain injury claims typically result from motorcycle accidents or head-on car accidents. Our brain injury lawyers have also handled many brain injury claims resulting from a crash involving a tractor-trailer. Symptoms of brain injury can take weeks or months to notice. And whats interesting is that it is rarely the victim who notices the deficits.
Instead, it is the family who notices the “little things” that are different. Since the family is the best position to describe the victim’s pre-accident “baseline” they are the first folks we interview to better understand the symptoms exhibited.
Advances in diagnostic imaging have greatly assisted victims of traumatic brain injury better understand the damage caused. Advanced imaging studies can pinpoint the area of the brain that was impacted and how that damage will interfere with normal function. It is important to seek out the best medical care possible when you suspect symptoms of brain injury.
In some cases, this involves traveling to different states where physicians with advanced training can provide you with top medical care. To learn more about brain damage claims in Missouri, contact experienced injury attorney Stephen Schultz, who has represented countless victims and their families suffering from catastrophic injury claims.

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