Amputation of Limb after a St. Louis Accident

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Traumatic Amputation Injury Claim

Catastrophic injuries are the type that cause significant and permanent bodily injury. One of the absolute worse types of injury is one that results in loss of an arm, hand, leg, or foot. Amputation of limbs can be the result of a motorcycle accident, motor vehicle accident, medical malpractice, or other severe trauma.
These cases typically involve significant future medical concerns. Psychological injury is also a major component of any amputation injury claim. It will be important to address these elements of damages by hiring expert doctors who can provide opinions on future medical care.
amputation injury claim
The quality of life for any accident victim is impaired. This is especially true for victims of limb loss. From chronic phantom sensations and phantom pain to residual emotional trauma, injury insurance claims for amputation are complex and must be handled by a lawyer who is experienced with these injuries.
Limb amputation almost always results in phantom pain, which is a false perception of pain in the lost limb. In fact, a recent clinical study suggested that 74% of victims of amputation suffer from some form of residual limb pain.
Traumatic amputation will result in permanent impairment. Even with advances in medical equipment and surgical techniques, the loss of a limb is by far one of the most devastating injuries from any majr accident. Physical recovery following a traumatic amputation will involve physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The goal will be to regain mobility.

St. Louis Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Amputation injury claims request fairly aggressive legal representation. You need a St. Louis catastrophic injury attorney who is dedicated to maximizing your settlement.
These kinds of cases involve significant medical expenses, both past and future. The emotional damages can be astronomical and must be an element of your claim that is handled very carefully. You only have one opportunity for fair compensation. Make that count with the best lawyer you can find.
When it comes time to selecting the right attorney for your case, make sure to ask lots of questions in the initial interview. Your lawyer should be focused on personal injury law, not general practice. It is important to check the track record of success of both the law firm and actual attorney on your case.
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