Toddler’s HEAD Reattached After Head-On Car Crash

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A toddler’s recovery story has gone viral after his HEAD was reattached following an internal decapitation caused by a car accident.
The 16-month-old toddler, Jaxon Taylor, was riding in the car with his mother and his nine-year-old sister Shayne. The Taylor family’s car collided head-on with another vehicle driven by an 18-year-old man. Both cars were travelling at about 110kph (70mph)
Toddler Head Decapitation

 Jackson’s Spinal Surgery

Jaxon suffered an internal decapitation injury. Before your imagination goes wild with images, an internal decapitation doesn’t mean that the head was separated completely from his body, but rather, Jaxon’s spine detached from his head. Nevertheless, this type of injury is often fatal.
Jaxon was airlifted from the site of the crash to a hospital in Brisbane, Australia. The toddler underwent 6 hours of surgery with spinal surgeon Geoff Askin. Askin is often referred to as the “Godfather” of spinal surgeries, and Jaxon’s injury was one of the worst the surgeon had seen. Geoff Askin used wire, and a piece of Jaxon’s rib to graft his vertebrae back together. Watch the remarkable video below:

The Family’s Recovery Story

The boy will spend eight weeks in a brace, or “halo,” but he should be able to lead a normal life, with no disability.
Meanwhile, his sister, Shayne will be wearing a body frame for a few weeks while she recovers from internal bleeding.
The kids’ dad is grateful to the surgeons; Andrew Taylor spoke highly of the surgeons to 7 News Melbourne: “They have taken two broken kids and put them all back together. We’re very, very thankful.”

Near-Fatal Accidents

When near-fatal accidents occur, families are often in such awe of the miracle that a loved one survived, that they cant even begin to think about the expense it took to save them. Months after near-fatal car accidents, victims get a bill in the mail for, sometimes more money than they can even imagine. Typically, the insurance company will cover most of the medical expenses and lost wages, up to a certain point.
Insurance company have what’s called a policy limit, meaning that they will not pay more than a specific amount. In some cases, it’s possible to recover more than policy limits, but you will need a skilled attorney on your side to see what route of compensation is right for you.
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