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A slip and fall accident can be unforgettable in the worst way. Chronic pain, medical bills, and steps toward long-term recovery are constant reminders of your accident. You should consider filing a legal claim for your accident to cover the costs it brought on. Get back to life as you knew it before the accident when you work with one of the Schultz & Myers, LLC slip and fall accident lawyers in St. Louis.

Our lawyers will build your case, gather evidence, and help you reach the settlement you deserve for the costs of your accident. Get started working on your case today when you call Schultz & Myers, LLC at 314-444-4444.

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Taking Action After a Slip and Fall Accident in St. Louis

After a slip and fall accident, your first priority probably is not filing a lawsuit against negligent property owners. However, it can be the first step you take towards taking care of the more urgent needs in your life: Paying for medical bills and managing long-term pain should not be your daily concerns.

Act quickly after your accident, because the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Missouri is five years, according to the Missouri Revisor of Statutes website. The sooner you file your claim, the sooner you may be eligible for compensation.

If the process of filing a legal claim seems too complicated to do alone, you may want to consult a personal injury lawyer about your case. Understanding the legal perspective of your unique slip and fall case will help you navigate the litigation process with ease.

Additionally, our lawyers will do whatever it takes to get you the settlement you deserve, from building up a shatter-proof case that holds all liable particles accountable for negligence.

Determine Liability to Recover Compensation for Slip and Fall Injuries

You can recover compensation for your slip and fall accident through a personal injury claim. As the plaintiff, your responsibility is to make a case against all possible negligent parties. As the Missouri Law Review puts it, “‘slip and fall’ cases are based on the duty of care that a possessor of land owes an invitee.” You are considered an invitee to nearly all public lands and businesses or anywhere you are invited to remain for any reason.

If your accident happened while you were trespassing on the property, Missouri law states that the property owner does not have the same duty of care as when you are an invitee.

According to the Missouri Revisor of Statutes, Section §537.348, landowners are liable for injuries or deaths caused by invitees.

Of course, every slip and fall case is unique. It will be important to consider the nuances of your case to determine who should pay for your accident-induced costs. Our lawyers have the investigative skills needed to pursue legal actions that defend your rights and are in your best interests.

You will not have to worry at any point during the litigation process, because our lawyers will be there to explain your options every step of the way.

Our Steps to Support Your Legal Case

Our lawyers will work to defend your rights and bring evidence to the table that proves negligence beyond any reasonable doubt. First, we will need to figure out who owns the property and is liable for its maintenance. A lot of data about St. Louis property ownership is public, and can be searched directly by address on the City of St. Louis website. Once we find substantial information about the property and its history in the community, we can determine if it is a hot spot for slip and fall accidents, or if the property owner has a history of negligent property care.

Additionally, we will pull all evidence necessary to ease the burden of proof on your behalf. Some techniques we may use during a discovery period for a slip and fall case may include: gathering witness testimony, contacting people who know and have been affected by the property owner’s negligent history, and photographing the scene of the incident to identify any obvious hazards. Time can be limited when you need to file a legal claim, so it’s important to discuss your case with one of our staff members to get started on your case: 314-444-4444.

Evidence of Negligent Property Owners

Negligent property owners have at least one thing in common: They fail to maintain potential hazards for pedestrians, some of which can be dangerously obvious:

  • Tripping hazards or lack of signage in public places like stores, transit stations, and more.
  • Pavement that is not maintained: Loose sidewalks, bricks, and cracked cement are all signs of negligent property maintenance.
  • If indoors: Flooring that is torn, loose, or messy.
  • Poor lighting in essential walkways or anywhere that pedestrians might use, day or night.
  • Plants, fences, and improperly parked cars that affect visibility.
  • Construction materials, especially unmarked dangerous points, and equipment left unattended after working hours.

When you work with the slip and fall accident lawyers in St. Louis at Schultz & Myers, LLC, we can help determine all possible signs of neglect from the scene of the incident. Our goal is to get you a settlement that will cover all of your needs related to the injury, so it is important to consider any and all options.

Your damage claims after a slip and fall accident will vary, but may include any or all of the following examples:

  • Medical costs: From hospital bills to follow-up doctor’s visits, to prescription medications, medical costs can be covered by a settlement.
  • Financial losses: When you can no longer work your regular job or are unqualified due to injuries from your accident, a settlement can cover these losses.

Remember, this is a non-exhaustive list of damages you might seek after a slip and fall accident. In any case, a St. Louis personal injury lawyer can help you navigate personal injury claims so that you can return to normal or adjust to a new normal as soon as possible.

Trust Schultz & Myers, LLC With Your Slip and Fall Accident Case

When you work with Schultz & Myers, LLC, know that your comfort and informed participation in the legal process is our priority. We can work with victims of slip and fall accidents whose entire lives can change in a moment.

Do not let negligent property owners get away without compensating you for your losses due to the accident. Call the slip and fall accident lawyers in St. Louis from Schultz & Myers, LLC today to discuss your case with a member of our staff: 314-444-4444.


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