Self-Driving Car Accidents in St. Louis

If you were hurt in a traffic accident involving a self-driving car, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. Our St. Louis self-driving car accident lawyers at Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers can help you seek a financial award to cover the costs of your recovery.

Since 2010, our St. Louis personal injury attorneys have been fighting to protect the legal interests of accident victims in Missouri. We know the trauma that can result from a car accident because we’ve witnessed the difficulties our clients have faced. Count on us to treat you with compassion and dignity.

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How Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Self-Driving Car Accident in St. Louis, Missouri

How Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Self-Driving Car Accident in St. Louis, Missouri

Cases involving self-driving vehicles can be complicated because there is still so much unknown about this technology. That’s why you need lawyers with the experience to deal with the issues that will likely arise in your case. 

In addition to your physical and emotional pain, you are forced to deal with financial worries. You may even have to endure press and publicity, given the keen interest in autonomous vehicles. 

When you engage the services of our St. Louis personal injury lawyers, you can expect us to handle the following:

  • Accident investigation
  • Evidence collection and review
  • Consultations with experts
  • Case value assessment
  • Negotiations to maximize your settlement

If the car insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement or denies your claim entirely, we’ll take them to court and represent you at trial.

You need to be focused on your health and recovery. Leave the legal matters to our St. Louis car accident attorneys. We handle all types of car accidents:

Call today for your free consultation. We offer a contingency fee payment structure, which means you owe us no attorney’s fees unless we’re able to secure a financial award on your behalf.

What Is a Self-Driving Car?

Fully autonomous vehicles are not yet available to the general public. Currently, even noted self-driving cars such as Tesla require some level of manual operation.

Automation varies. Most vehicles are already automated to some degree. For example, many cars today have cruise control and automation for parking.

The Society of Automotive Engineers has identified five distinct levels of vehicle automation:

  • Level 0 – No automation beyond basic alert systems; cruise control; requires manual operation
  • Level 1 – Automated assistance with speed or steering; may include dynamic or adaptive cruise control
  • Level 2 – Lane-maintaining assistance and cruise control; if hands are not sensed on the wheel, systems may deactivate
  • Level 3 – Environment scan automated, as well as steering and speed control; equipped with an alert signifying that the driver must take control
  • Level 4 – high level of automation; capable of driving without manual operation under certain conditions; may take control in case of a system breakdown
  • Level 5 – completely autonomous; capable of driving without any human supervision

As technology continues to advance, accident cases involving self-driving vehicles will become more and more complex. 

Who Is Liable for a Self-Driving Car Accident in St. Louis, MO?

When our St. Louis car accident lawyers conduct an independent investigation, we will determine the cause of the collision and trace it back to the party responsible.

Liability may be attributed to any of the following: 

  • Vehicle driver
  • Other drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists, or pedestrians
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Manufacturer of automation
  • Government entities responsible for infrastructure 

Determining the exact cause of the accident can be tricky when self-driving cars are involved. The cause may be the result of limited human oversight, poorly-regulated vehicles, or defects in the technology.

Call Our St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers for Help After a Self-Driving Vehicle Crash

If you were hurt in a crash with an autonomous vehicle, call the St. Louis car accident lawyers at Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers to help you pursue compensation. We have a well-earned reputation for winning sizable financial awards for our injured clients. Trust us to work just as hard on your behalf.

We’ll help you recover compensation for economic and non-economic damages such as your medical bills, lost income, reduced quality of life, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more. There’s too much riding on the outcome of your case. Don’t trust your future to just any firm. You need Schultz & Myers Personal Injury Lawyers in your corner.

Call our St. Louis law offices today to learn more about our personal injury law firm and our highly regarded lawyers. Let us show you how engaging our legal services can be a game changer in the outcome of your case.

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